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Meet the Facilitators


Aminata Diallo

Aminata (pronoun is ami) is a yoga teacher and embodiment practitioner. aminata’s classes combine gentle Vinyasa and Kundalini meditation, it is a space to come back to the self and explore what may arise through your practice. As a practicing herbalist, ami’s classes are crafted with seasonal energies in mind to bring you into deeper relation and reciprocity with natural ecologies.

You'll often find Aminata in a movement circle, making plant friends, journaling &

day dreaming.

Argo Headshot (2).jpg

Argo Theoharis

Argo (They/Them) is a passionate advocate who weaves together the intersections between Identity and Social Justice, and has a deep curiosity for the emerging fields of Neuroscience & Embodiment. What drives their work is an appreciation that at the core of this, it all comes down to honouring relationship.

Their lineage is Greek and Visayan (Filipino), and presently they mostly find themselves climbing rocks, talking to plants, and dreaming up ways to hold space for our collective liberation.


Nawa Sybico

Nawa (they/them/siya) is a multi-disciplinary healer and practitioner of herbalism, somatics, divination and the death doula arts. Nawa is curious about integrating our individual and collective bodies as one of the ways in which we can transform the impacts of historical and inter-generational trauma due to white supremacy and colonialism.

Nawa is also joyous at the beach with their dogs, practicing martial arts, or gardening at home. Meeting plants & praying to ancestor spirits helps Nawa remember the wishes the lands have seeded.

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