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lunar co-working sessions

(hee-moo, hee-moo) Bisaya word that means to make and make

Let's get together and time our creative output with the fullness of the moon.

On the third Monday of each month, 14th August, from 1pm-4pm AEST, we will gather online for a co-working session via Zoom.

himu-himu is a coworking space for creatives, artists, activists, therapists, coaches, facilitators, and anyone else committed to social change and finding ways to create & operate collectively in ways that disrupt systems of oppression & foster collective wellbeing.


This time is an opportunity to come together with other awesome creatives and work on some of those tasks and projects that would love your attention.

Each work session will be 50 mins long with 10-minute debriefs at the end of each session. Each hour block will begin with a 10-minute drop-in session. It is here we will practice presence, slowing down, and movement as a primer for discussing goals, doing check-ins and sharing what we are working on.

Join at any point during the two hours.

A private Zoom link will be emailed out the day before the event.

This is a chance to focus alongside others, and to share and ask questions on our breaks.

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