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Working with Nawa has transformed our organisation’s culture, and ways of working. Since our launch, Nawa has provided ongoing somatic support for individual team members, held spaces for our entire team, and worked with both our directors together to work through organisational challenges.

This support has enabled us to challenge dominant cultural issues such as urgency, power hoarding, defensiveness, interpersonal conflict and excessive workloads, and has supported us toward calm and thoughtful decision making, creative brainstorming and strategising, noticing and preventing burnout and the creation of personalised working practices that meet individual team members’ needs.

Nawa takes an intersectional approach that has made every team member feel safe and understood, with antiracism, disability justice and queerness central to their practice. 

Somatic client, May 2023


My Story

My name is ᜈᜏ ᜐᜒᜊᜒᜃᜓ / Nawa Sybico (they/them/siya). I am a first generation Bisaya migrant settler. My family and I settled on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri and Bunurong peoples. I now reside on the unceded territories of the Muwinina and Palawa peoples. As I did not come here invited by the traditional caretakers of this land, I strive to exist and practice my craft in utmost solidarity with local liberatory movements and align my own decolonial praxis with theirs. I therefore pay my respects to the true custodians of these lands, their ancestors, Elders, and families, through all time. I acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded.

As a disabled, queer, migrant of colour (with previous class privelege), I have seen firsthand how devastating the impacts of existing in an ongoing colonial, white supremacist society can be for marginalised communities. My practice seeks to bridge the gap of accessibility for services not subsidised by the government.

Healing to me is having an integrated self. That can look like having an experience of health from where we are, it can also look like being connected to our social ecosystem in a way that increases our vitality, or maybe we'd like to feel prepared to meet the inevitable cycles of life: birth, illness, loss, death.

My hope is for a trans-generational, systemic, embodied transformation that connects our social justice movements to our joy.


Training & Education

Ikon Institue of Australia

Bachelor of Counselling & Psychotherapy - present

Luntiang Aghama Hilot Academy

Masidhi Hilot Practitioner Training

Ikon Institute of Australia

Advanced Diploma of Counselling & Psychotherapy

The Embody Lab

Embodied Justice Training

The Essence School

Somatic Trainer, Coach & Facilitator, Operations Manager, Embodied Coaching Training

Wisdom Body Academy

Somatic Therapy Certification 1

Earthsong Herbals

Clinical Herbalism Apprenticeship

Strozzi Institute

Somatic Coaching in Context & Embodied Leadership Training

Life Options

Death Doula Training 1& 2

Sky House Herb School

Clinical Herbalism Apprenticeship, Community Herbalism Apprenticeship

Nightlight Astrology School

 Traditional Hellenistic Astrology Certification 1


Pay the Rent Initiatives

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